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Our Employees


The people behind the triumph and prestige of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong are undeniably the teachers, the non-teaching personnel and the administrators. They are the men and women of integrity, competence and selfless service. They are active participants in the transforming experience of the students and the community as a whole. All of them are called to be Lourdesian Educators in their respective fields. As such, they center their lives in Christ who is the foundation of the whole educational endeavor as a Catholic school. They have a firm faith and belief in God that is manifested in their words and actions as living witnesses of Jesus Christ. 

Faithful to its Vision and Mission, LSM gives high regard and honor to these individuals by providing them not just decent compensation but also ample opportunities for the continuous social, intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth, and development through its different programs for human formation. The school also acknowledges their efforts with recognition and rewards through its annual GAWAD PARANGAL. Deserving employees receive their awards for their service, commendable achievement and other outstanding contribution to the school.  

To update and further equip the teachers and other personnel with the latest trends in education, in – campus and off- campus seminars and trainings provide them with on- going formation through the Employees Development Program. LSM sees to it that every educator knows his craft, coupled with Franciscan charism and tradition and brings it to fruition.      

Since the LSM community also flourishes with exceptional talents and skills, activities to further hone these gifts are made available. The SAYAWITAN among others, a fund-raising project of the LSM Faculty Association, provides more than a glimpse of how the Lourdesian educators scintillate in the world of performing arts. Dance, song and other special numbers from both the elementary and high school faculty are arduously conceptualized and rehearsed before the actual performance. The outcome always yields the best result – an astounding showcase of performances. On the other hand, the regularly scheduled Sportsfest is also a welcome treat. From fun games to standard ball games and the recent salvo of the Zumba, employees get to enjoy the company of one another as they go for fitness, wellness and health. 

Most important of all, LSM through its Campus Ministry immerses its employees in Franciscan experiences (San Damiano, Portiuncula, Greccio and La Verna) and solidarity activities of the Social Action, retreats, recollections, catecheses and the pilgrimage called “Lakbay-Nilay” to enhance their spiritual growth and formation.  

These are the formative exercises for LSM employees: people who live their lives, who teach and carry out their tasks and their missions the Franciscan and Lourdesian way. They are competent educators, humble servants, congenial souls and Christ-centered individuals.   

Therefore, the realization of school’s Philosophy and Objectives depends not so much on the curricular program or facilities being offered to its clientele, but more so on the employees themselves. With all the opportunities for growth given them, LSM is confident that they are well-prepared to embrace the call to become like Christ and inspire others to do the same. LSM is proud of and grateful to God for these committed and dedicated men and women. Through the years they have proven that they are authentic followers of Christ. They are true servant leaders who profess to uphold HOLINESS, EXCELLENCE and SERVICE.   

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