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SONS OF LOURDES becoming fully integrated christian persons

Lourdesians are seeds sown at the very core of LSM. There they are nurtured,pruned and eventually grow to bear fruits. They define the remarkable values and standards of LSM. 

In them, we see the manifestations of our Lourdesian Creed, the formation of fully integrated Christian persons. 

Lourdes School of Mandaluyong in its vision of forming fully integrated Christian persons has designed various programs for human formation in order to promote the students’ holistic experiences inside and outside the regular class sessions.     

Infused with the values of Gospel Brotherhood and Minority, the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for the students such as the Student Club Activities complement other school programs, one of which is the academic curriculum. The interest clubs provide opportunities where academic gains are applied, tested and verified. Different clubs and organizations empower the learners to be Christian leaders of tomorrow. In coordination with Campus Ministry, they are formed to be responsible stewards of God’s creation and to be of service to others through the outreach and solidarity activities.

The Lourdesians are humble. They know that everything that they have come from the Lord. They are achievers in the many aspects of learning. 

They are writers. The LINK, the official high school publication of LSM, and The Poverello Echo of the grade school department have served as the voice and heart of Lourdesians where relevant and sensible information are shared, which in one way or the other, has helped enhance their critical thinking and sound decision making.

Lourdesian writers have reaped medals in division, regional and national press conferences, and the literary magazine, THE LINKAGE was awarded BEST LITERARY PUBLICATION in 2002 by the Catholic Mass Media Awards. 

More than being prolific writers, Lourdesians excel in the field of academics as well. They represent the school in various competitions and never fail to bring home awards for their beloved institution. They too are superbly athletic who compete in the spirit of goodwill. Through the years, they have proven that the glory of victory and the agony of defeat is and will never be the mindset in the conduct of sports and even fun games. In their intramurals and off- campus sports leagues, they persevere to enrich brotherhood and minority. 

Lourdesians are extremely artistic. They sing. They act. They dance. They deliver. Be it in the academic area’s Sabayang Bigkas and Speech Choir, or the dance and singing contests. The LSM Kantahan, an annual choral competition, can give testimony to such talent. Guided and inspired by a specially conceived theme, the Kantahan never fails to inspire the heart and move the soul of each and every participant. Lourdesians also shine in the school’s PLAY PRODUCTIONS. 

The theater group, Dulaang Pintig Buhay which was established in the mid 70’s had the school-community –parents, teachers, other employees and students involved in their productions like GILBERT with Joel Lamangan directing PANHIK-LIGAW: Chekov’s The Proposal, ANG KAMBAL,FRANCISCO, and ANG BALIW, productions that won accolades; and gave this young theater company the respect and admiration that drew many students and teachers to aspire to be a member of this elite group.  

There were other productions that highlighted the lives of saints such as The POOR MAN from ASSISI, PADRE PIO, the LIVING SAINT, and the yearly presentation of the TRANSITUS of ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI. 

Our beloved Lourdesians are fully integrated Christian persons. They remain grounded on values in whatever they do. They know that whatever they may become is a gift from God. The school, is vey proud to contribute to society, countless Lourdesians who are now productive in their chosen vocations: teachers, doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, social workers,technologists, entrepreneurs, public servants, priests – all sharing the same vision, mission and philosophy: TO BECOME LIKE CHRIST.       

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