Every school has its own philosophy, vision, and mission which define and identify its unique features and facets in the field of education. Thus, each academic institution needs to ensure its constant commitment of providing quality education and values formation to its students. This manner of selfreflection whether a school is still tracking a right and just path dwells on any accreditation process. It is a concept based on self- regulation and is focused on evaluation and continuing improvement of educational quality. Hence, as a catholic institution, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong has established its identity by being devoted into shaping its students as fully integrated Christian persons and by voluntarily continuing to upgrade its educational quality and services through the years.

LSM undertakes various developments to be able to realize the sole purposes of accreditation which are continuing program of educational improvement and program development and improving public confidence. Being the means of selfevaluation and peer judgment, this process also helps each educational institution perceiveother perspectives from the group of accreditors which may help them develop new programs or modify existing system. Moreover, it seeks to revisit major areas in a school which are the purposes and objectives, faculty, curriculum and instruction, library, laboratories, physical plant, student services, administration and school staff, and school and community.

The school also guarantees the smooth flow of the four-step cycle in accreditation which is focused on knowing and understanding what is desirable, what is the present situation, what improvement is in progress, and what further improvement is needed. With these, every area of the school is being re-evaluated towards the realization and accomplishment of their established goals.

This only shows that a comprehensive study of the school’s significant factors which are the purpose, stakeholders, resources, programs and services, and students also needs to consider. In this way, adaptability to educational change and trends is also essential.

Indeed through the years, LSM constantly ensures quality Catholic education to its primary clients – the students, and guarantees their holistic growth and development as young responsible individuals. With the vast change of educational strategies and approaches including the learning means, it secures its place in the academe of accredited institutions. This has been proven once again as the recent PAASCU re-survey visit was a success.

This explains the fulfilment of the vital role of each member of the institution towards the adherence of its vision and mission. Every area has to function well in order to achieve success and development. However, despite all these advancements, the only plausible indicator of success will be the school’s products – the Lourdesians who, even after leaving the portals of their Alma Mater, continue to uphold the learnings and values that the school has taught them by being productive citizens of the country and active members of the church.

Truly, the road to excellence is a long way to go, but this never-ending journey makes a school an “institution”.

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