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OSA beefs up club program

By: Anthony Betia 

The Office of Student Activities(OSA) intensified the extra-curricularclasses as Lourdesians participatedin the first club meeting, which served as a club orientation, last June 22.

In line with the school’s mission of molding fully integrated Christian persons,the clubs allow the students to enrich their skills in sports, intellect andother special interests.

“The main purposes of the Office of Student Activities are to develop the talentsand skills of the Lourdesians and to support the academic programs of this school. All of which are for the developmentof Philippine society,” said Mrs.Barbara Lumanog, the OSA Coordinator.Unlike in the previous years, the OSA had now provided themes for each quarter that every club should highlight in its activities. These were the following: forthe first quarter, Awareness Campaign ofHoliness, Excellence and Service; for the second quarter, Strengthening the Valueof Family; for the third quarter, Mercy asa Way of Life; and for the fourth quarter,Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

As recommended by the PhilippineAccrediting Association of Schools, Collegesand Universities (PAASCU), allclubs were also entailed to conduct outreachprograms to different communitiesoutside the school.

PMoreover, this academic year pavedthe way for Senior High School studentsto join the different clubs.

To increase the number of actual club meetings, the Club Hunt was modified and a Drop Box registration system that gave equal opportunity to all was implemented.

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