LSM researchers showcase IRPs in Science Congress

Lourdes School of Mandaluyong held the Science Congress, a contest exhibiting different investigative research projects, last March 3, 2017 at the St. Clare of Assisi Audio Visual Room.

There were 4 groups of contestants, three from Grade 10 – St. Pio of Pietrelcina while one group was from Grade 11 - Bl. Jose Maria of Manila. The winners of the contest were the groups of De Guzman in first place, Ballesteros in second place, and Buitizon in third place.

The first group presented “The Effectiveness of Cassava Starch in Making Biodegradable Plastic”, consisted of Nigel Hernandez, Raphael Catapang, Migz Namoc, Joackin Santos, and Miguel Sy. The second group explained their study, “The Effectiveness of Pili (canarium ovatum) Nutshells as Mulch in the growth of Petchay (brassica chinensis linn) Plant” included Abram Ballesteros, Jann Gata, John Banglos, Louis Aboy, and Kenneth Angeles.

The third group introduced their research entitled “The Effectiveness of Different Types of Used Cooking Oil in Candlemaking” composed of Jared Buitizon, Dru Villamor, Miguel Nabong, Benson Opeña and Russel Sabas. The fourth group also presented “The Feasibility of Using Ipomoea aquatica in Neutralizing Water Samples from Pasig River in Terms of pH Level”, was presented by Lanz De Guzman, Leonard Nolasco, Kerwin Sarabia, Jerico Manlutac, and Bryce Ramirez.

The judges of the contest were Mr. Lincoln Ariz, Mr. Aris Anonuevo and Mr. Gomer Lejano. The contest proper consists of two parts, the presentation of the projects, and the question and answer portion. Each group was given 10 minutes to present and about 30 minutes to answer questions from the judges.

CFor the contestants, it was an event for the youth to dive into science and a venue to help benefit the society. Ballesteros stated, “Science is indeed emerging and further developing especially in the youth as manifested through the innovative research projects for the benefit of the community.” For others, it promoted critical thinking for students and taught them to always think on their feet.

Sabas described it as a pleasant experience but it gave him goosebumps especially for the Q & A portion where they were expected to defend their ideas substantially. “In my opinion, the held science congress would have a really big effect on the students, especially for those who presented their IRPs because it promotes critical thinking which is essential in the field of researching.” Santos said.

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