The High School Student Government prepared the student leaders by holding its annual leadership training program last September 1, 2016 Thursday, at St. Francis Theater. The seminar was divided into two programs, one for homeroom officers and another for club officers. These were held during the morning and afternoon respectively. The homeroom officers were asked questions such as their biggest dreams in life, their greatest strengths, how they can utilize these advantages, and their achievements as a by product of their strengths.

After pondering on the questions, the student leaders were to discuss the answers they came up with amongst themselves. Later, the student leaders were asked to arrange themselves according to their sections. They were to come up with a tagline to describe who they are as a class. The groups were then given around 20-30 minutes to come up with a 2 minute cheer dance. Both the tagline to describe the group and the cheer dance were to be presented in front of all the groups.

TSenior Vice President Miguelito Yamamoto of the Senior High School Student Government (SG) also took the opportunity to share some of his experiences. At the end of the training program, Vice President Ivan Rikov Sto. Domingo of Bl. Jose Maria class reported that he learned the values of teamwork, self- discovery, initiative, and leadership.

The club officers, on the other hand, participated in a “Mr. Club Officer 2016,” a pageant-like contest wherein students were to answer three questions. They were asked regarding their strengths, how they will use them, and why they deserve to be Mr. Club Officer 2016.

The officers were graded on the following criteria: content, presentation, Lourdesian values, and audience impact. 10 officers were hailed as winners after the contest. The latter part of the program was the club planning.

Mrs. Barbara C. Lumanog, Students’ Activities Coordinator, instructed each club to formulate a long term and family-oriented project for their club. She also requested some clubs to present their proposal on stage.

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