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MST - Mini Olympics 2018

Since 2008, the MST Mini- Olympics has become the highlight of the MST Academic Month Celebration. With the theme: “Sharing Our Christian Faith through Creative Experiences and Dynamic Learning Environment”, the Mathematics, Science and Technology, Technology and Livelihood Education areas provided competitive activities/games that allow students to realize the coherence, integration and connection to real life of the various respective fields of Science, Mathematics and TLE and encourage them to take ownership of their learning that in so doing enhance higher level of thinking skills and develop them into problem solvers while the importance of brotherhood and minority is being emphasized.

Mathematics, Science and Technology and Technology and Livelihood Education provided different learning stations that encourage the boys to play and win games. Each station that they will surpass has a corresponding number of chits, depending on the game they will try. Playing areas are as follows: high school assembly area, side of multi-purpose hall, Brindisi hall, football field and swimming pool area. The group who got the highest points in each level will be recognized. The section who tallied the highest score will be declared as the over-all champion. 

The celebration is intended for the students to choose and participate in worthwhile and exciting activities. Likewise, the students will be able to showcase their abilities and talents and improve their manipulative, analytical and critical thinking skills.

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