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SEPTEMBER 21, 1972... THE DECLARATION OF Martial Law, years of oppression… This atmosphere of the 70’s was filled with fear and doubt. Everything was censored, filtered and put under surveillance. The government which swore to protect its people began oppressing them. The school was not exempted from the scrutiny. But though difficult and oppressive, this atmosphere did not hinder LSM from pursuing what the Capuchin friars believed was a best way to strengthen its relationship with its parents, especially during these tumultuous years. This partnership would later become a sturdy graphic in the future of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. 

Thus in 1971 the first Parents Teachers Association was formed with Antonio Roxas as its first President. This was the start of THE PARTNERSHIP. The PTA recognized that it shared with the institution the goal of providing quality Catholic education to its students. They believed that for this partnership to flourish, they had to work hand in hand as mentors and models to those young men. This HOME-SCHOOL COLLABORATION would translate into holistic formation of students, the core which LSM professes it only reason for existence. 

In 1979, a new program was introduced by the late Fr. JESUS ACERON, OFM Cap., Rector. This he called the Family Enrichment Program (FEP), a spiritual formation program not only for families but for employees as well. The FEP was an effective way of bringing together families, and employees, paving the way to strengthening relationship and spiritual formation. With the guidance of the Capuchin friars, the Family Enrichment Program became a main feature of LSM-PTA – sponsored activities.       

As major stakeholders, the PTA began to take the partnership more seriously. The association created new avenues to generate income to share in the improvement of school services. There was the FUN RUN in the 1990’s until the early 2000’s; then the BINGO SOCIAL, the major source of their income. This income funded projects aimed at enhancing some facilities like the poll area, the full air-conditioning of the classroom, from Grade School to High School and the beautification of the main entrance among others. 


AY 2011-2012 gave birth to a project that put together talents of all the members of the school community: parents, employees, and students. For three years now, the PTA has sponsored the LSM FUSION, a project that helped strengthen collaboration between the home and the school. 

Through the years, the PTA has never wavered in its commitment to help provide assistance to the school with projects that the association believes will contribute to the total formation of their children. Thus, we see the PTA actively involved in the school’s Medical – Dental Mission through the Social Action Office. 

Throughout the contemporary history of LSM, the PTA remained to play a major role in the lives of every Lourdesian. The PTA as Homeroom officers offers a chance for the families to discuss, plan, design, and implement programs that would help address concerns at the homeroom level. One of these programs is the Family Day which serves as a culminating event for the grade level’s PTA unit. Besides the annual celebration of LSM families, the PTA in partnership with the Guidance Center also sponsors parenting seminars to help parents deal with problems of growing up children.   

It all started in 1971, and through all these years, the PTA has blossomed into a prominent and formidable partner of the institution in its desire to form FULLY INTEGRATED CHRISTIAN PERSONS.   

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